Stair lifts: Questions and Answers

How much does a stair lift cost?

This is probably the most commonly asked question. The price can vary greatly, depending on whether you have a curved staircase or not; if you are looking at a new, or reconditioned stair lift. Stair lift; and what features you would like included.

Stair lift prices can cost between £1700-£9,500, there is a huge variation on price due to the different requirements of the user and the difference in the staircase itself. Curved stair lifts will always be more expensive as they are custom manufactured to the exact dimensions of your staircase.

Brooks Stair lifts feature towards the more affordable end of the price range. You could compare the cost of a stair lift to having to move out of the home you love, for which there is no comparison!

I real terms though the questions are; how much do you value your independence and freedom you could have to move around your own home? And, can you really put a price on someone's ability to use their own staircase with ease and without fear?

How do stair lifts work?

Brooks Stair lifts, and most manufacturered stair lifts, are made up of three main components: a rail, a carriage and a seat. The carriage of the stair lift contains the motor which powers the lift up and down the rail or track. The rail is normally made of Aluminium; this fits directly to the treads of the stairs (not the wall), and the stair lift seat simply sits on top of the carriage and has the controls in the arms to send the stair lift up or down. The Brooks Stair lift also has two remote controls allowing multiple users to direct the lift both up and down the stairs.

How noisy are stair lifts?

Battery (DC) powered stair lifts run off around 24 volts powering an electric motor, which makes them quiet and energy efficient in use. The loudest noise you will here from your stair lift is a beep to let you know that it is about to start its journey up or down your stairs!.

How long does it take to fit a stair lift in a house?

Most stair lifts can be fitted in a matter of hours with the minimum of fuss. Brooks stair lifts are fitted directly to the stair treads and not the wall which results in the process being quick, simple and clean.

If I decide to have a stair lift, how long will I have to wait to have it fitted?

If you order a straight stair lift, you could be back to having the freedom of your home within a week. IF your staircase is curved, meaning you require a curved stair lift, the installation period will be between 14 to 28 days. However, if there is a particularly urgent need, simply ask Brooks Stair lifts and they will try their best to schedule the installation of your stair lift in a shorter time frame.

What kind of warranty / after-care is available for stair lifts?

All Brooks Stair lifts come with a comprehensive 12 months warranty.

What happens to my stair lift during a powercut?

Brooks stair lift motors are powered using Direct Current (D.C.) batteries, which will automatically charge when not in use, resulting in the stair lift functioning during a power cut.

What if I have narrow stairs? Will a stair lift fit?

If your staircase is wider than 600mm (24 inches) it will accommodate a stair lift.

Can other people still use the stairs if a stair lift is fitted?

Yes. When not in use your Brooks Stair lift has a folding seat, footrest and arms, so it tucks neatly against the wall. It will also be parked at the top or bottom of the staircase, allowing full access to the stair way for all uses.

What is the maximum weight a Brooks Stair lift can safely carry?

Our stair lifts can safely carry a maximum of 20 stone / 127 kg / 180lbs.

What safety standards should I look out for?

The main UK stair lift standard you should look out for is BS 5776:1996 - British Standard - 'Specification for powered stair lifts'. Brooks not only meeds this, but also meets the relevant CE European safety directives, and complies with the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) regulations for Canada and the United States.

Why don't you take a moment to read our page on Brooks Stair lift Safety Features

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